On this page you can learn about how we teach reading at Our Lady of Victories.

Below is a video of our performance poetry from World Book Day 2023.

Our Reading Curriculum


As a School of Reading we are dedicated to providing the skills necessary for all our pupils to become lifelong readers and we strongly believe reading is key for academic success. We believe that through developing their reading skills pupils will become effective members of society and will therefore be able to fulfil their unique potential in the future. We aim to provide children with a literacy-rich environment, ensuring that they have access to high quality texts that support their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development.  

As a School of Love and Opportunity, we believe that all learning should be adapted to the needs of all children (SEN, EAL, more able, disadvantaged) and that the curriculum should be carefully planned to take account of everyone in the class so that all can succeed.


The reading programme of Our Lady of Victories follows the National Curriculum to ensure both progression and coverage across KS1 and KS2.

Within the delivery of our reading curriculum we ensure a consistent and robust teaching and learning of early reading and phonics in EYFS and KS1, so that pupils are able to read with increased speed and fluency and access the wider curriculum. We follow the synthetic phonics programme Supersonic Phonic Friends developed by Anna Lucus. Children are provided with books that match and support their phonics development and ability. All pupils have opportunities to develop their reading skills daily, and are encouraged to read at home with an adult. 

The teaching of phonics continues into Y3 for Autumn term and beyond for any pupils needing additional support. Any pupils who still struggle with the acquisition of phonics will use additional intervention programmes. 

From Year 2 upwards all pupils take part in weekly guided reading sessions. These sessions take place as whole class reading sessions with appropriate support for those pupils that require it. As a school we follow the ‘Complete Comprehension’ reading programme. This approach to guided reading has been designed to equip all children with everything they need to become strong, successful readers. The guided reading sessions focus on the reading contents domains and develop the pupils' understanding of a variety of different text types and skills such as retrieval and inference. 

Throughout KS2 pupils continue to progress through the school reading scheme until they are able to become a free reader. Continuing with the reading schemes allows the teachers to support the pupils in gaining more understanding of different text types. Resources appropriate for SEND pupils are also available.

The reading content domains are used during individual and guided reading sessions

Example of how skills are tracked during one to one reading sessions

We expect and encourage the pupils' families to read these books with their child daily and make comments in their child’s reading record. Teachers monitor the pupils' reading and additional reading is provided for those unable to read at home, those who are struggling to progress or those who are entitled to additional support.

Each class has a dedicated area for reading that is stocked with books linked to current topic and interests of the class. Throughout EYFS and KS1 books are used to enhance different curriculum areas and provision. 

In order to further promote reading for pleasure all teachers read daily to their classes. This may be a book linked to a current topic, a classic text or one chosen by the pupils themselves. Pupils also have access to the school library on a regular basis. Stories are also used in assemblies and other subjects across the curriculum to support the learning of different concepts.  

Examples of high quality texts being used to enhance learning across the curriculum


As a School of Excellence our aim is that by the time pupils leave Our Lady of Victories all pupils, regardless of background, need or ability, will have made at least good progress from their starting points and will be able to read with accuracy, speed, confidence, fluency and understanding, ready to access the secondary school curriculum. Pupils will be enthusiastic and motivated readers who are confident and enjoy reading a wide variety of genres and text types. Pupils will be inspired by literature and will read for pleasure, unlocking the many wonders that reading opens up.