Reception Class


Class Teacher & Early Years Leader = Miss Peers

Early Years Practitioners = Miss Brown & Miss Maddocks 

Learning Support = Mrs Alderson

Early Intervention Support & PPA Cover = Mrs Wilson

Our first day in Reception class

Our learning achievements


Autumn 1 = In phonics we are revisiting and consolidating learning from Phase 1. We are looking at the following aspects in preparation for reading and writing words after the half-term holidays:

  • Rhythm & Rhyme
  • Alliteration
  • Voice sounds
  • Oral blending and segmenting

Polly the parrot is very impressed with the children's engagement in Phonics. Keep up the hard work Reception class!

Autumn 2 = This half term we are learning to recognise the initial sounds in words and developing our awareness of grapheme-phoneme correspondences. Please see below the order in which we are teaching the letter sets:

  • Set 1 = s, a, t, p
  • Set 2 = i, n, m, d
  • Set 3 = g, o, c, k
  • Set 4 = ck, e, u, r
  • Set 5 = h, b, f, l
  • Set 6 = ff, ll, ss

Once we have learnt the letters in Phase 2 we will begin to read and write CVC words. 


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our reading meeting in September. We hope that you will have lots of fun reading books with your child regularly at home. Please make sure that your child brings their book bag to school everyday!

We are developing a love for reading with your child in our class. We will read individually with your child at least once a week where we will change your child's home reading book. In addition to this, we will read 3 books a day as a class and we will discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution within the story. 

Please see below the powerpoint from our Reading Meeting.


Below are some key documents showing the development of writing through mark-making and pencil grip.

It is important that you support your child with these at home as they mark-make. Initially mark-making begins on a large scale and will gradually become smaller as children develop more pencil control and develop the muscles in their arms. You could support your child's mark-making at home by practising copying the pre-writing shapes (see picture below), copying letters of their name and giving meaning to drawings that they make.

If you require further help, please don't hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Reception team.

R.E - The Way, The Truth & The Life

Autumn 1 = F1 - God's World

During this half-term we are learning about God's World. We are learning about God's Creation of the World and we are thankful for the world in which he has created. We have been on an Autumn hunt to look for the beautiful wonders that God has created. We have learnt how to care for God's world by picking up litter, looking after plants and animals and ways in which we can care for the planet. We recognise that God created us to be unique individuals. We have looked at similarities and differences between ourselves and others e.g. hair colour, eye colour. 

We now know our 3 daily prayers that we say in school. We can make the sign of the cross.

Autumn 2 = F2 - God's Family

During this half-term we are learning about God's Family. We will learn how the Angel Gabriel came to visit Mary to ask her to be the mother of God's Son. We begin to learn about Advent and the meaning of the four candles.

We will work within our Foundation Stage to retell the Christmas Story through our production of the Nativity.

Letters sent home