Welcome to Year 1


Dear all Year 1 parents and carers


We have a very exciting year ahead of us. We will start by outlining the fantastic things we have planned for the first autumn half term.

In maths we will be concentrating on place value. We will then move onto addition and subtraction. Children will be encouraged to independently use resources around the classroom to support their learning.


In English we will exploring traditional tales with a twist. We will firstly be looking at ‘Little Red’, which is a slight alternative to the original story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

We will also be looking at ‘The three bad pigs and the good little wolf’. We will compare this with the original story of ‘The three little pigs’.

Children will have the opportunity to learn through role play, writing, voting for the best version of the stories and exploring as many books as possible.


In phonics we will be completing phase 3 and phase 4. This will be supported with daily lessons, in class reading, phonics resources in the classroom and phonics play in provision. There is phonics guidance on this page, please take some time to read through this. It will help you to support your children with reading.


In our science lessons, we will be exploring nature, the human body and the seasons. The seasons will continue throughout the year, focusing on the season at the time. We are hoping to spend some time in the nature area, exploring our topic first hand.


In the wider curriculum we will making bird feeders in design technology, so that we can attract local wildlife to our school. We will also be working through various art projects that will be linked to science. Finally, we will be learning to play musical instruments such as ‘boomwackers’, this will be aimed at an eventual Christmas concert in class.

In P.E. we will be learning all about athletics. This will take place outdoors as far as possible.


Please remember to send your children to school with a water bottle, we will fill them up as the day goes on. If you have any questions please speak to me at home time. Alternatively, contact me through the MyEd app.


Many thanks

Miss Dwyer

Links to sites

* A great website where you can support your child to read at home is Oxford Owl Create a free log-in and explore e-books for your child to read, similar to those that are sent home from school.

* Another site to look at is Collins Big Cat. Go to Collins Connect and click on the teacher portal and enter


Password: Parents20!

* Phonics Play is a great website that we use in school to support the teaching of phonics and spelling. It is currently free to parents by using the following log in details:

username = march20 

password = home

The main phase to look at are phase 3 but it is also a chance to practice sounds from other phases that your child might be unsure of.


Fabulous Facts - Autumn 2


Resources to support English at home.

The alphabet sound mat below will help children to develop their letter formations. We will be using these in class. If you are wanting to support your children to write then please use the sayings below.  


 Children are familiar with the below phonics sounds and will recognise the pictures from the classroom. These may be used to help support children when learning their phonics sounds. 

Phonics resources: