From Farm to Fork.

For the final half term in Reception class, we are going to be learning about the farm and how farming contributes to the world in which we live in. We will begin by learning the names of the different animals and the sounds that they make. This will be developed further by matching the adult animal to their young. We will then learn what foods these animals produce and how these can contribute to our healthy lifestyles. To help enhance our knowledge of farming, we are going to be going on a school trip to Hesketh Farm Park. We can’t wait to see what the Farmer has organised for us to do!

Below is an outline of what we will be focusing on in class within our theme and we hope that you can support your child with these skills at home as well.

English & Phonics

We are continuing to secure our knowledge of Phase 3 phonics before moving onto Phase 4. We are continuing to apply our knowledge of digraphs and tricky words into our reading and writing more independently. Polly the Parrot will set Reception class daily challenges for both reading and writing.

The children in Reception class show a great enthusiasm towards writing. We are going to be developing their writing further by encouraging the children to re-read what they have written. We will be encouraging the use of finger spaces and full stops when writing sentences.

Please read with your child at home and send their book bags to school every day. If you require a new set of keywords and/or a new book, please inform a member of staff in Reception class.


We can now securely recognise numerals and count from 0-20. We are able to recall 1 more or 1 less than facts for a given number. To extend this learning further, we are going to be focusing on addition and subtraction. The children are learning to count on and backwards to find the answer rather than always starting from 0. We will also be extending this skill further by solving problems that involve doubling, halving and sharing.

Within provision, the children will be encouraged to use a range of mathematical vocabulary. This may involve weight, capacity, time, money, shapes and distance. This language can be modelled on a daily basis by the adults around the children and within play.


The children take part in weekly PE sessions on a Tuesday afternoon. We will be focusing on ball skills and different ways of moving both with and without climbing equipment. The children will be developing their social skills by working together in groups.

Make sure your child’s PE kit and school uniform are clearly named.

We are really looking forward to having lots of fun throughout the Summer term in Reception.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss R Peers


F6 - The Church


In this half term the theme is ‘The Church’.   

It is the time when we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost and the growth of the early church.  By now the children will have a real sense of ‘belonging’ to their class and school community.  The children will begin to learn that they belong to the Church family.

You can help your child by:

  • Taking part in the Church’s celebration each week at Mass.
  • Helping your child to learn the simple familiar prayers e.g. the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, morning prayer, night prayer, etc.  This can be done easily by simply saying the prayers regularly with them.
  • Helping your child to recognise people in their Church family, e.g. the priest and altar servers as well as the other members of the parish.
  • Encouraging your child to take part in the Children’s Liturgy (if there is one at your church).
  • Giving your child a simple children’s Mass book with pictures and pointing out to them what is happening.
  • Spending some quiet time before or after Mass (or other suitable time) to point out the tabernacle where Jesus is present in a special way.  By using these long words (with a simple explanation) the child will become familiar with them.
  • Teaching your child to genuflect or bow the head towards the tabernacle as a sign of reverence before they enter the bench.
  • Helping them to appreciate the different people involved in keeping the church beautiful because it is God’s House and a place of prayer.

This is the final theme for the school year.  We hope that you have enjoyed working in partnership with us to enable your child to begin to understand what it means to be a member of a family at home at school and at church.